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July 23, 2006

Don’t loose your domain name

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Every day thousands of domain names are lost to their true owners. Domain names get expired and deleted. There are companies on the look out to register domains as soon they expire. How to protect your web domain name.

1. Keep your contact information current. We try to contact you when your domain is expiring. But if your contact info is not accurate we cannot do so. Check your whois contact information and make sure it’s accurate

2. Do not use the free email accounts as the contact emails. Free mails like hotmail, yahoo delete your mail accounts if it’s inactive for few weeks. You will not be able to be contacted 3. We provide auto renew option for domain name within the domain manager. Utilize it

4. When the domain is expired, it might be able to revive it for fee for few days. Check with NewbieSite support team 5. If your domain is deleted and not available anymore, contact us as soon as you realize it. We might be able to point a new domain to your old web site.

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