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August 9, 2006

Things to be taken care by a newbie while hosting a domain

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Before finding a host for your domain, the important thing you need to consider is the 24×7 technical support facilities and 100% uptime of the server. There is no use for looking for cheaper hosts, whose servers will be loaded all the time which in turn keep your site down during peak hours. If your site is not working for a moment and can you think about losing a big business at the same time?. You will loose the trustworthiness of your customers and all above you are losing your money.

Realities of technical support

Email support, phone support and chat support are the three main means of technical support offered by the hosts. NewbieSite has found that email support is the best means of solving technical problems. Phone support and chat support will help you to solve simple issues faster. But there are chances that support representatives can be overrun with several requests at the same time. In these instances, the rep’s responses may not fully solve the problem, even if they are able to resolve it. All the technical Support representatives are technically well versed in shooting the troubles, but they need time and space to think and advice

Many servers based and website related problems might be easy to resolve once you can explain the situations in detail .This will help the techs to resolve the issue completely. The track record of issues can be kept for the future reference and faster resolution. Complex site problems and complicated issues require in depth search for the root cause. These kinds of problems cannot be solved immediately over the phone, though it will seem solved. As the techs are not getting enough time for finding the solution, the issues may recur or lead to adjacent problems.

The overall result will be the increased frustration due to non clarity in the issue specification. This will really affect the quality of the customer service and increased conflict. NewbieSite removed those avenues with the commitment to immediately and fully address problems within thirty minutes via email. This practice allows the support representative a little more time to make sure problems are fixed while allowing time to investigate each individual problem more carefully if necessary.

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