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October 10, 2006

Site builder Launched!! Totally Free !!

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We announce the launching of sitebuilder. Visit .

1. Registered Users

Clients who signed up before 1st September 2006 may need to create a free signin account using the “signup” column provided. This doesn’t require any kind of payment and its for identifying your account with us . Once you are in, try out building your own website by clicking on “sitebuilder option”. If you are already a registered member of, you can build your website for free.

2. New Users

If you are not a registered member, you can try our sitebuilder by just signing up. If interested, you can register a domain with us, host a site and utilize this option.

What is Site Builder?

Site Builder allows you to easily and quickly create and maintain a web site. You can create your own personal /business website with ease. (more…)

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