About Us

NewbieSite is an effort to bring  easy and affordable web hosting and email services to individuals and small businesses. In the recent years, free email and web hosting services like Yahoo, Hotmail, geocities, tripod etc.. has moving moving closer to paid services due to reduced advertising revenues. It is a matter of time, these services are fully paid services or reduce the free services significantly. NewbieSite provides you with an elegant alternative. For a small annual fee we provide you with your own domain name, personalized email and quality web hosting service. Best of all, there is  no annoying advertising banners. As your web presence grow, you can upgrade your free hosting to powerful pro hosting solution any time.
Primary focus of NewbieSite remains easy and friendly customer service. We understand internet technologies may not be your primary area of expertise. It's okay. It is our expertise. So whether you are a master  web designer or a total newbie, NewbieSite is the place for you.
NewbieSite is an endeavor from Armia Communications, Inc. Armia Communications is a small and energetic internet technology firm based in the northwestern suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. Armia communications is a privately held company.  We are constantly searching for complementary partners to help to serve our customers better. If you have any general questions or proposals about NewbieSite, please contact us info@NewbieSite.com.
We partner with some of the pioneers in web services to provide the excellent services to you. Take a look at our friends, partners and well wishers