Affiliate programs

NewbieSite offers two different affiliate programs. The transparent affiliates and regular affiliates.

The Transparent Affiliate ( Resellers)

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If you are an ISP, design firm, or anyone who wants us to remain transparent, the Transparent Affiliate Program is perfect for you. This program allows your customers to register domain names from your site and provide web hosting without having to learn of the existence of
The transparent affiliate program is recommended for the sites which will register at least 10 domains per month. If you think you will register less than 10 domains or if you prefer to provide complete support the regular affiliate program would be best for you. We will pay you $5 for every domain you refer to NewbieSite.
As a Transparent Affiliate we will customize a domain name look up box with your logo that allows your customers to search, register and manage their domain names in real-time from your Web site. You set the price for domain name registrations and we charge your customers the resale price you choose.

The benefits of being a Transparent Affiliate: