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When you start a Web site, one of your first steps should be to let the right people know that you exist. Maybe you'll want to send out a printed press release and pay for print advertising. But it makes much more sense and is far less expensive to use the Internet itself to reach an Internet audience. Learn how

Free Search Engine Submission

What is a search engine ?

A search engine is a human compiled directory like google , yahoo , dmoz etc or a software compiled index . The main difference between them is that they are compiled by human and robot or spider respectively. It’s a large data base which contains links to all the sites that have been submitted to them including a few details about each site. In case of human compiliation, there are chances to reject the site by the reviewer because of low quality of the site or it is not submitted in the proper category. But software based program like spider or robot will visit and collect the information of the site submitted to the search engine and incude in the search engine data base. They are much faster and not as discriminating as human beings

NewbieSite offers free submission of your website to main search engines. To submit to search engine log on to your control panel at . Click on Search Engine submissions.


Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine optimization is the prime source to market your website in the internet . There are many things which should take care of before submitting to the SE’s.

1.Website development

You need to prepare A) the web page title B) META tags[Keywords and description] and C) the text of the page you are submitting.
A ) Title tag
The title appears in the top of the browser as your website title, it is not the content appears in your web page. The search engine will give high degree of importance to the words in the title.

For marketing your website through search engines, META tags play an important role. It announces all the details of your site to the search engine. They are hidden in the code of the website and will give information to the search engine like keywords, description and author and more.

1. Keywords

Keywords are the words or phrases which are used by the search engine to locate a site. Any user who is entering this keyword or phrases will find you site . Carefully chosen keywords that exactly matches with the content, goal and purpose of the site will optimize your site in the search engine. Imagine yourself as the user , to find the suitable keywords and phrases which they would use .

2. Description

This will tell more about your site to the search engine. It is the description that appears below the title of the search results. This should be around 50 to 60 words. It should be appealing and attract the person to click and go to your site. To achieve the higher ranking it should contain good keywords and description and repeat your title and at least one or two key words on which you want to focus. However, if it is higher than what they permit, it will be considered spamming and your page will never get indexed. The spiders can calculate the keyword ratios faster than you can.

Here are some tips to avoid spamming:
1. Do not use text color of same as the page background color and hide text.
2. Avoid repeating keywords more than 3 times. Do not dump page with keywords.
3. Do not try to create one page for promotion to not change it with some other page after getting indexed.
4. Put only relevant keywords. Do not try to use some popular keywords just to get hits which are not related to your page.
5. Form your keyword wisely. Do not use words like "Great" "Extraordinary" or Sentences like "we are the only one...” is one of the best web sites on Search Engines and search engine optimizations. Best part is, they don’t ask for money upfront and operates on a tip kind of payment basis.

Refer the following sites to learn about Search engine and marketing through SE’s

2. Link Exchange
To promote your website you can exchange the link with other relevant site. It doesn't help your site visitors if you link to irrelevant, poor quality sites. It makes your site look trashy. And it doesn't help your search engine ranking either. In fact, if you're exchanging links too carelessly you could be pegged as a link farm and actually banned from search engines.

3. Affiliate Programs
Start an affiliate program. Offer to pay per click through or per sale that originates at your affiliate's sites. They'll link to you as affiliates and you'll have more inbound links.

4. Directory Links
Submitting your website to quality Directories is perhaps one of the best ways to acquire valuable inbound links. Directories, DMOZ and Yahoo hold significant weight. Google draws its directory results from DMOZ and Yahoo draws its directory results from its own Yahoo Directory. A quality link from a major directory carries more relevance and weight than scores of links from websites that aren't relevant to your website, product or service

Open Directory
Submission Guidelines:
Add URL:

Jayde B2B Directory
Submission Guidelines:
Add URL:

GoGuides Directory
Editor Guidelines:
Editor Agreement:
Add URL:

5. Forums
You can build your back links by forum posting is by putting your website link in your signature on a forum and including your signature in your quality posts. The website owner will be happy to have you posting and in turn will be happy to allow you a small advertisement in your signature when posting. You can begin with


How To Announce Your New Web Site

1. PR release
A PR release is basically a short article about your web site or some aspect of your site. The release must contain real news about something that would be of interest to other people. You could do a release on the addition of new products or services to your web site. Other ideas for releases include the addition of a new line of products to your web site, a new, interactive database or a new idea

2. Podcasting
A "podcast" is an audio clip, a miniature radio program focusing on a topic like travel, art, news, sports, or just about anything of interest. Call it the new underground radio, or perhaps the next step in future media, but "podcasting" has all but conquered the Internet. By offering Web users a new dimension in obtaining news, fringe entertainment, and music from up and coming and/or established artists, the podcast is yet another way the Internet expands its interactivity. We can do more than see, we hear and we listen…and are introduced to new ideas and cultures that miss the mainstream.

Blogging can announce your new website.if you have a new site that you are having trouble getting indexed, adding a blog or rss feed is one of the quickest ways to get the spiders to come calling. Blogs can build your backlinks quickly. A frequently updated blog will keep the spiders visiting your site often. Your site will become more stickier and more appealing to visitors. A blog is the fastest and easiest way to build a brand-new website without training.


How Publicize your Web Site Over The Internet


A newsgroup is a message board on the Internet where users come to discuss topics of mutual interest. Each newsgroup is dedicated to a particular subject of interest and consists of messages posted by participants. You can find several ongoing discussions surrounding various topics within a single newsgroup. These topics are call threads. As a user you can start a thread, post messages to a thread and make responds to other postings Since there are so many newsgroups, whatever your interest is you will most likely find a newsgroup which will suit you Article writing
Writing articles is an excellent way for you to get free publicity. One of the best ways to get traffic to your site is by writing articles and placing the link to your site in the author's bio-box at the end.
Learn how to let others know that you hold a place in the web. Promote your new business without any cost.


Secrets of Search the Web & Promoting Your Website

1. Use a keyword research tool to find profitable phrases (i.e. those that are actually being searched for).

2. Build each page optimized for a single keyword phrase. Also sprinkle in some secondary keywords relevant to the main keyword.

3. Link your web site together so that all pages are only a couple of clicks away from the homepage.

4. Use text links instead of fancy graphics or buttons to link to your pages.

5. When you add a link to a page where the main keyword phrase is “half moon” make sure the links to that page include the phrase "half moon".

6. Build a sitemap.

7. Add articles / Content to your web site and add links from these articles to your important pages.

8. Get quality link partners.