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Thank you for choosing to make the change to At we are looking forward to providing you with the best domain experience ever. To begin transferring your domain please enter the domain name below (Please exclude "www and extension", only enter the domain name ie., newbiesite for

Authorization codes will now be required to transfer domain names to To obtain an authorization code, you will need to contact your current registrar. You will be required to provide this authorization code to complete the domain transfer process with us.

To transfer a domain:

After your order has been completed, we will send a confirmation email to the administrative contact for your domain names. You must click the link provided in this email to provide transfer authorization codes and final transfer approval before your transfer will be processed completely. Please make sure that the administrative contact address is updated before you initiate the transfer process
Be sure to allow plenty of time before your domain's expiration date. Follow the directions provided. NewbieSite will send an e-mail to the administrative contact shown in the WhoIs database within 24 hours. Respond to the e-mail as directed. In 5-7 days, your transfer will be complete. You can check the progress of the transfer when you log in to your account. Transfers initiated from other registrars may need additional verification and authentication by the registry. They send an additional e-mail to you that must be responded to within a limited time frame, or else the transfer is denied. This may result in unexpected delay, which can result in the expiration of your domain, or you may require renewing your domain name before transferring.
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